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Tools & Training

Tools and Training

The RTTC provides training, support, and technical assistance for implementing, expanding, and evaluating these types of programs in rural health care settings. These toolkits and resources are free, comprehensive, and based on established evidence as well as feedback from experts, rural health care stakeholders, and rural community members.

Telementoring Modalities

Telementoring, or technology-enabled mentoring, is the use of telecommunication technology to deliver training, education, and support that builds healthcare capacity. Telementoring shares best practices with rural and remote areas and increases the capacity of the health workforce in these communities

Project ECHO

Hub-and-spoke model using videoconferencing to connect a team of subject-matter experts with community-based health care workers. Sessions include didactics, deidentified case presentations, and interactive discussion.

Individual Consultation

Structured one-on-one interactions through telephone or videoconference between a specialist and a health care worker to inform clinical care delivery


Live audiovisual expert presentations delivered by an individual or panel with a discussion and interactive question and answer component


Audio (or audio with visual enhancements) broadcasts distributed through the Internet and able to be consumed via platforms such as web pages and handheld devices

Online Modules and Curricula

Self-paced, self-directed learning through online modules that consist of a series of slides with or without accompanying audio

Community Health Clubs

Peer-to-peer support via the formation of facilitated health clubs consisting of health care workers that meet regularly to educate about a specific health care issue.

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