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Conference Abstracts

2023 Preparedness Summit
Author: Andrea Rochat MFA, Charles Mathias PhD, and Waridibo Allison PhD, MD
Title: “A Telementoring Solution for Mobilizing Workforce Resources in a Public Health Emergency
Date: 24-27 April 2023

CHAMPS/NWRPCA Fall Primary Care Conference
Author: Laura Potter MSW, LCSW, Andrea Rochat MFA and Suyen Schneegans MA
Title: “Creating Connection in Virtual Spaces: Telementoring for Rural Health
Date: 17 October 2022

14th Annual Conference on the Science of Dissemination and Implementation in Health
Author: Suyen Schneegans MA, Trisha Melhado MPH, Erin Finley PhD, MPH, Holly Lanham PhD, MBA, and Waridibo E. Allison MD, PhD
Title: “Utilizing Software to Manage Learning Partner Relationships to Transform Rural Health Care Access via Telementoring”
Date: 14 December 2021

Health Datapalooza and National Health Policy Conference 2021
Author: Waridibo Allison PhD, MD, Trisha Melhado MPH, Andrea Rochat MFA, Keito Kawasaki MPH, Sarah Lill MAM and Charles Mathias PhD
Poster 1: “Addressing Health Inequities through a National Rural Telementoring Training Center (RTTC)”
Poster 2: “Telementoring to Improve Rural Health Inequities and Rural Health Care Access”
Date: 17 February 2021


Montana Family Physician
Author: Charles Mathias PhD and Jennifer Van Syckle MA
Title: Severe Weather and Rural Health; a Telementoring Solution
Date: 31 May 2022

Fort Worth Star-Telegram Opinion Piece
Author: Waridibo Allison MD, PhD
Title: “An AIDS vaccine is coming. So is misinformation like with COVID
Date: 16 February 2022

Popular Media

Rural Health Leadership Radio
Host: Bill Auxier
Title: Episode 360 “A Conversation with Dr. Charles Mathias
Date: 18 July 2023

Rural Health Leadership Radio
Host: Bill Auxier
Title: Episode 357 “A Conversation with Dr. Wari Allison
Date: 26 June 2023

Rural Health Leadership Radio
Host: Bill Auxier
Title: Episode 287 “A Conversation with Trisha Melhado & Suyen Schneegans
Date: 22 February 2022

LinkedIn Article
Author: Charles Mathias PhD
Title: “Telementoring: A Health Workforce Burnout Solution You’ve Never Heard Of
Date: 28 October 2021