Rural Telementoring UnConference 2024

Join us on Wednesday, October 16, 2024

10:00am – 2:00pm CT

The Rural Telementoring UnConference 2024 is a FREE, virtual event featuring an array of brief presentations on rural health and telementoring followed by group discussion, idea generation, and collaboration.

Unlike traditional conferences, where the agenda is predetermined and there is limited opportunity for interaction and conversation, an UnConference provides a structure that facilitates sharing experiences, idea generation, and partnership building in pursuit of shared goals.

2024 Theme: Enhancing Rural Resilience: The intersection of climate, behavioral health, and workforce

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What is an UnConference?

The UnConference format provides a unique opportunity for attendees to focus on what really matters to them, as this is a conference without the rules and structure of a traditional conference. The UnConference kicks off with a series of brief 4×4 presentations (4 slides in 4 minutes), which help set the stage for discussion. Attendees then identify, categorize, and rank topics they want to discuss. These topics, in addition to those gathered from the registration, become the focus of breakout session discussions.

Building a tradition of connection and collaboration

RTTC has been hosting UnConference since 2022 to provide a space for interactions and generate innovative ideas. For more information and recordings from past UnConferences, click below.