RTTC Announces Winners of “What Rural Means to You” Image Contest

At the RTTC Virtual Launch Event last year, we hosted an image contest to celebrate the beauty and diversity of rural America.

Congratulations to Gloria Burnett of Anchorage, Alaska for taking first place!

The judges appreciated this glimpse into a traditional celebration of the Inupiaq people.  They felt the image evokes energy, joy, and the power of community when it comes together.

Congratulations also to Callie Shaffer of Rockcastle Couty, Kentucky for taking runner up!

The judges thought this painting was wonderful on it’s own but especially loved how the story behind it reminded them of what “rural” is about:  people helping each other and forming connections that extend beyond a doctor’s office.

The RTTC would like to than everyone who submitted an entry to share what “rural” means to them.  We will continue to share submissions on our social media pages and our website.

The RTTC wants to hear your rural telementoring stories!  Please share them with us at RTTCinfo@uthscsa.edu and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.